Internet Drops CONSTANTLY - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Internet Drops CONSTANTLY", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I have a Spectrum Business Internet 300|20 + Business Premium Cable account in a residential NW Ohio neighborhood.

This business internet service drops sporadically & takes minutes to hours to reconnect.

I am currently waiting for it to reconnect - 1 hour of outage thus far. Now using my very reliable Verizon data plan to draft this.

I have contacted Spectrum 5-7 times in the past 2 weeks. Technicians have serviced this faulty internet connection twice in that time span.

Yesterday’s technician said my internet problem could NOT be in this building as everything has been inspected & replaced. He said it is likely an issue in the neighborhood.

He also advised that I replace my modem although he does not speculate it to be the problem.

He did not have my 300|20 modem on hand. He advised me to call Spectrum. So I did. Again.

Spectrum asked me to drive 40 minutes to their local branch as they couldn’t send another technician in a timely manner.

So this morning I drove to the local branch. Local branch did not have my 300|20 modem.

They advised me to call Spectrum Customer Care & request a modem overnighted to me.

Called Spectrum as advised & they said they don’t overnight to business class & I must have yet another technician out to the property.

They also said technician would call in 1.5 hours to schedule. Technician has yet to call 9 hours later.

After my thorough research on this particular modem as well as Spectrum’s unreliable internet service, I have deduced this is not a modem problem. This is also not a hardware problem at my business.

This is an unreliable technology that Spectrum can not manage, let alone excel at as an internet service provider.

Prior to this most current problem, the initial sales experience & install back in Sept. 2017 was a debacle of misdirection, hidden fees & incompetency.

As a start-up business woman, my own service provides creative content distributed 100% online.

How can I successfully operate an online business when the internet service provider I HIRED cannot deliver anything close to professional standards.

Last couple of note-worthy points:

• I pay $270|month for this non-delivering Spectrum internet service that has cost me countless of service hours for my own business.

This feels like a double loss for me & a win/win for Spectrum as they keep receiving my monthly payment with no monetary penalty on their part.

They haven’t even offered a pro-rated discount for what they failed to deliver per our business contract.

• This is 2018. Humans are NEVER going backwards when it comes to technology & how much we consume it.

There will be another internet service provider that will outshine Spectrum’s performance & gladly welcome new customers.

• I understand that Spectrum is struggling with the TWC buy, upgrades, technology advances & this hinders their ability to maintain superior quality for all customers.

However, this is not part of our negotiation for services rendered. I did not agree to pay 100% of my end of the negotiation while Spectrum may approximately deliver only 45% of their negotiation.

It’s really simple. When you fail on your end of the bargain, you offer to balance the terms as to keep a valued relationship with your customer.

As a business owner, I am astonished at the disregard for customer service for an industry in the throes of a major communication | mass media | technology shift where they could ultimately dominate!!

Take a page out of Amazon or Facebook’s business model. Hyper focus on the customer. And then double down on it.

And fix my **bleep** internet.

Internet Drops CONSTANTLY?
Spectrum's highest business internet plan is currently $140/month, so your claims sound rather dubious. Not that I'm trying to defend Spectrum, Comcast is shit and should be avoided at all costs, but still - let's demonize them for what they actually do, they certainly do enough to deserve it.

Outside of that, this is an job you need someone to come out and assess, so no one here can really help you. I wish you the best of luck though.