Internet has been intermittent for over a year and a half but i got 20.00 in credit! - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Internet has been intermittent for over a year and a half but i got 20.00 in credit!", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. My internet has been absolute trash for well over a year and a half. I have had 5 or 6 techs and linemen to my house to "fix the problem". Last tech I had was awesome and diagnosed that the main line that runs down my street was patched with a temp cable years ago. Was told this could be catastrophic and a lineman was ordered to come out and replace the line. The lineman showed up for under 10 minutes then left. Needless to say my internet service wasn't fixed.

Today i had another awesome tech come out and he confirmed the lineman didn't replace the temp line that has been there for over 2 years. He also concluded that the line was causing micro refractions and causing my modem to search for a frequency that wasnt dirty which cause my internet to go from nothing to 10 mps up to over 200 mbs. When it locks on to clean frequencies my internet is great. Those times are few and far between. When shown a graph of what my internet connection was it looked like a mountain range not a straight line like it should.

I was told i should contact customer billing to get credit for when my internet has been down once the problem has been solved... But the problem hasn't ever been solved. I contacted billing today and was told i could get a 10.00 credit for my troubles after i have spent countless hours on the phone and with techs at my house. Not to mention missing work to be at my house for service calls. So after hearing I would only get 10.00 credit for all of this wasted time and trouble i asked for a supervisor. She upped my credit to a whole 20.00. I told her that was unacceptable and I wasnt satisfied with the offer.

I am at my wits end with Spectrum and I have no other choices for an ISP as you have a monopoly in my area. I have never missed a payment or had a late payment. I honor the contract that I signed to pay for 200mps down and 10mps up. How come I have to pay full price when you aren't keeping up with your end of the contract?

I even tried to speak with customer support on your live chat from your website. All I do is waste my valuable time and spend my hard earned money on a service you aren't providing.

Who can I talk to that actually cares about your customers and can make this right? Will the lineman that is dispatched to my house later this afternoon actually replace the patched cable??? Or will he just pull up run a test and not repair it again like the last one?

I am beyond frustrated at this point!!!! I have no other options. How much time and money do I have to waste? I feel I should be compensated for this and 20.00 is beyond insulting.

Please do what is right by your customers, without us you have no business.

Internet has been intermittent for over a year and a half but i got 20.00 in credit!?