Internet Only from Dish??


Does Dish Network allow only internet service and if so, how much?


No not currently atleast in my area but directv has a contract with verzion offering a "bundle" which aint bad for a couple bucks off of the internet and tv but in my area im only approved for 1.5-3MBps and its kind hard to play two Xbox ones without lag or timeouts, guess if they ever do offer it like MrPogi said satellite internet aint really for gameplayers. So whatever you wanna use it for it could be a good idea for you through dish
I would actually look at a prepaid air card over the standalone dish service if you don't have other Internet options. Won't likely be good enough for games/streams without a good buffer, but it will be mobile, and likely a little faster. I once had to do this with a Cricket air card. Was good enough for what I needed at the time.
I "think" AT&T and possible T-Mobile may also have em, but you would have to check to see if they do and what their bandwidth caps (if any) would be/price.


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I've actually done several installs for customers getting Dishnet only. It really depends on customer service. In some areas, they're telling people that Dishnet is not available, but let's be real folks, it's a satellite based service and they have multiple systems to use to ensure good throughput, if they tell you they can't do it, ask for a supervisor.

It's not cheap, and there's obviously data caps which, once hit, drop you back to speeds lower than or equivalent to dial up. Pricing wise, it's actually cheaper to go with a prepaid hotspot, check walmart for the straight talk hotspot. We use one on vacation and love it.

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