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This question is about "Internet pricing, etc?", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hi, last month I got back from my spring break for old folks, hehe. I called up Spectrum to cancel my phone and just have the internet and tv. Well, they wouldn't let me do any packaging until I paid my account. So, they offered me a $44.99 for tv and $44.99 for internet, so with all the other services and box, the total came to $109.49 after phone was turned off.

so, I call back today to have the phone disconnected and get the account set up and three different persons told me I couldn 't get my spectrum for that price. I mean, I could have had it don e in la te March but had to pay my bill first. It was all set, the supervisor approved it and now, oh yes, now it is no longer available. They knew I was an existing customer an d all was approved. I have the whole converstation typed out and am goin g to take legal action if they don't comply. I am telling you, they obviously can offer you different setups, but they don't won't to admit it.

I worked on the Brindisi campaign ,so I am going to go down that legal avenue next. Something is definitely not right in Spectrumville. If anyone has any other methods that can be used to lower the bill, please advise...also any other information is welcome. Thanks for listening and assisting, RD

Internet pricing, etc??