Internet speeds go down then up, games unplayable - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Internet speeds go down then up, games unplayable", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Looking for help.

I have 4 different wireless Adapters, 2 Computers

A NETGEAR C6220 Modem/Router, the Sagemcom Modem/Router Combo

and 2 Cable connections in the house.

i also tried plugging into directly in the modem/router via ethernet.

I get all the same results, the speeds on Speedtest and the spectrum speed test go up to 30-32 mbps/ then down to 28, and up and down again. It isn't noticeable in normal internet browsing, but I play games and the ping goes from normal according to the server like 39 or typically 45 steady all the way to 150 then 250. then back down.

what should I do? The bad speeds first started around a month ago, we returned the Modem/Router combo, what is it called the technicolor? because the pings were going high. so they gave us the Ubee and Askey Modem/Router. Same Results, so I returned it and got the same modem/router combo. they look exactly alike but it's called a SageMCom. tried, same results. so i went and bought the C6220, and again the same results. I tried 2 different cable lines in my house, removed splitters, every combo you can think of between 4 wireless adapters, 2 computers, 3 modem/routers and 2 seperate cable line connections.

Games are unplayable, what should I do? Can someone here help? Is there some results or something I can post? thank you

Internet speeds go down then up, games unplayable?