Internet trouble recently - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Internet trouble recently", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. So I have been having trouble with my internet, which started just a week ago. Randomly I will be watching YT vids on 720p and it will stop to buffer and automatically go to the lowest quality. There are also instance where I'm the only using the internet and it couldn't even load a video, even on the lowest quality. I sometimes play games on my connection would be spotty on there also, DCing from games and Discord. Before this happened my connection would be fine even when other people were using it, but now I cant even play or watch YT vids properly anymore. The modem I have is an Arris DG860, it has wi-fi functions and I am connected directly to it. Also I have done all the troubleshoot problems like resetting the modem, checking the internet cord that connects to the wall, and even changing WiFi channels. Someone help me please because TWC support has done nothing so far.

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