Question: Internet Tv with a Browser?


Do anyy of the things like Roku, AppleTv Chrome have a browser so you can also go to other websites, like TLC has a lot of clips on their website of things that didnt make it to air or are just short interviews, it would be awesome to be able to see behind the scenes on the big screen.


I'm not aware of anything that has a browser that will function like that. There may be some devices in the past that advertised a browser for your TV, but they probably can't play the video through it.

However, if you have a newer TV and newer computer, both with HDMI ports available, you may be able to hook your computer up to the TV. I've done this for some "web only" shows on Hulu that won't work on Hulu Plus. I just start the video from the laptop (I don't have a remote or anything) but I only do this on rare occasions. Depending on your budget and how tech-savvy you are, you could probably find a cheap laptop or mini style computer that would work as a "home theater PC".

There are also services like PlayOn that will possibly send other videos to a Roku, but you'd have to do more research to see if those would work for you (and personally I feel that's a lot more hassle and money than using HDMI).


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Marisa, If I read your post right, you want to be able to browse sites and then watch them on your big screen. That is exactly what the chromecast stick will do. On your PC with chrome browser, you can cast whatever is on screen to your TV. Bring up that clip, hit the chromecast icon on the toolbar and then go full screen on the clip and you will fill that TV screen with any goodness you want.

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