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Hello first timer posting here and I seem to have a problem. A few days ago I turned on qubo to watch the late night lineup for the old school cartoons, my box said no signal which I found odd because the main ion channel was up and going, so I checked ionlife and that was saying no signal as well. I also noticed that qubo/ionlife both show strong antenna strength yet still give me the "No signal" response. Sometimes when I change the channel to see if they are up the guide will change, showing me what show is on for a second, there is no video/audio but it will say "He-man, she-ra, etc." then the guide header will disappear and say "No signal". I live in west virginia and have been searching everywhere online to see if ion has said they are taking these channels off the air, or if there is a broadcasting problem, yet have found nothing nor any indication that the channels have stopped transmitting. Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me?


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Probably a network or transmitter issue. I don't get ION myself, so I can't tell you if it's just your station.

And there's usually no direct contact method for individual ION stations, most are owned and operated by ION, and don't even have their own web site - just the main network site.


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you use a converter box or a television with ATSC tuner built in?

well today to me happened something similar later of upgrade or"downgrade" my firmware of my converter box because can not retain the channel list and get them erased when the signals fluctuates did the setup once and again and get almost all the channels except the channel 30.1- i got the channel 30.2- and the Chilevision mobile signal well i disconnected the antenna and scan without antenna and later of get a no service scanned with the rooftop antenna and later of try 3 times could get it the 30.1 .

maybe also can happen that the signal get lost of the virtual channels if the signal is very unstable or the power of broadcast is low.

well in Chile i tried of do technical questions by mail to the channels about specific data like guard signal, etc and never got any answer.

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