iPhone 5 available for preorder today

Apple has officially started taking preorders today for their 6th generation smartphone, the iPhone 5.

View attachment 1953 Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 5 is 20% lighter (weighing only 120 grams) and 18% thinner, but also sports a taller, 4 inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio (HdTV quality) coupled with an impressive 1136 x 640 resolution.

Additionally, the iPhone 5 has a much smaller eight-pin connector that can be ported into three-pin connectors, and boasts a longer battery life, rated at 225 hours on standby.

The new iPhone incorporates 4G technology, providing ultra-fast wireless internet access, while being powered by the newly developed A6 chip, which Apple representatives have promised to be much faster and more efficient than the iPhone 4S's.

Last but not least, the powerful 8 megapixel embedded camera includes a five-element lens with precision alignment and improved low light performance, making it 40% faster than previous installments. The new camera also features the ability for its users to share photostreams, and can take panoramic shots and with a faster photo capture.