IPhone Udate

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The IPhone might come out in September 2014. There may not be a homes screen. This IPhone size could be three times bigger. Then there will be Sapphire used to avoid the risk of easily damaging the screens. It is said that the ios 8 is also supposed to be released sometime during this year. The crazy thing is Apple is saying that this phone will make people healthier. Some kind of health-tracking software will be created into the phone. The camera will be 13-megapixel sensor that takes very little space. The FDA even agrees to this statement being true.

I don't understand how a phone will make a person healthier when they say how dangerous it is to be on the phones for so long. Also, that is will cause cancer.. When now they're telling consumers that it will be okay to be on this phone. Due to the software that it will created with. When sense has there ever been or ever been heard of health-tracking software in a phone that will cause good else. It sounds silly in a sense. But who knows what people can come out with.