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This question is about "IPv6 WAN address drops after 15 minutes on Technicolor TC4400", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Seeing as the IPv6 only stays up for 15 minutes at a time thread is now locked for some reason, I am posting here.

As mentioned by other Gigabit customers using the Technicolor TC4400 modem (still the only option at the 940Mbps service level) there is an odd bug affecting the IPV6 WAN address which causes the modem to drop the address after 15 minutes or so. There is a third-party report report of it being a bug on the Technicolor TC4400 firmware:

Technicolor TC4400 - cable-wiki.xyz

With firmware SR70.12.33-180308 or lower, the TC4400 sends a tabstop (ASCII code 0x09) in the DHCPv6 Solicit request. This character can be misinterpreted as an escape sequence and lead to an incorrect processing of the DHCPv6 Solicit request.

In cable networks with IPv6 management like that of Vodafone (Germany), the TC4400 may not activate automatically. The laboratory firmware SR70.12.33-180327 fixes this issue.

Unfortunately, the TC4400 can only be updated via a CMTS. Customers are therefore dependent on their provider or retailer for the update.

I have no access to the modem config or info pages and therefore cannot note the firmware used on the Spectrum provided TC4400. But if the info is accurate, then there is hope of a permanent fix at some point. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

IPv6 WAN address drops after 15 minutes on Technicolor TC4400?