Is 3DTV going to fail?

I don't even think YOU believe that.

You're a real prince, you know that?

If you could offer some counter-arguments with proven evidence I will listen. Your opinions mean nothing compared t those wh study their entire lives in these fields, I think I'll trust a Psychlgist with a doctorate frm Harvard over you.



The way I see it is this: why are more and more movie directors shooting in 3D? For the most part, I would say that if you didn't watch Avatar in 3D, you missed out on a crucial part of the movie. The environments and effects simply had that extra "oomph" with the added stereoscopic 3D. Of course, not all people felt this way, but the fact that so many movie theaters sold out on the 3D version of it (and that the 3D version tickets are much more expensive) shows that there is actually a large interest in 3D. I think the only thing people are afraid of is the extra price tag on the 3D TVs. But as the living rooms become more and more cinema-like (screens get larger and more affordable), the adoption of 3D TV will skyrocket. Personally, I love my LG 3D TV, and I watch at least one 3D movie about every 3-4 days or so.
I personally do not see a reason for 3D, I mean, your not really watching anything all that great. At least I don't think so, but that could be just back 3D just makes me sick. Or is it just because things literally look like there going to get you while you are watching it? Like most people love horror movies. If they were made in 3D, then I assume it would look like the main character, that is out to basically get everyone is going to get you as well?
I'm not saying decades ago, but i Think For example The Polar Express is 10 and I remember really liking the effects when it came out. And who thought they could have something like that in their own house, then?


I personally do not desire a 3D TV for any reason. I just don't look to that medium for that great of an experience. I would be interested in trying out a virtual device like Rift.


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I don't think it's a total fail, but it certainly is not the next big thing that the TV industry had hoped for. But when it's time for a new TV, I would go for a 3D TV IF the price were really close to that of a 2D TV. Hopefully, "Time for a new TV" is a long way down the road for me!


I don't think the idea of 3D TV is a fail, but the current tech certainly is. The current tech is simply not up to what people expect when they think of 3D or virtual reality as it's shown in sci-fi movies. And it is more of a novelty.

I remember seeing a 3D / interactive movie - something about pirates - at a theme park maybe 20 years ago. It was an interesting experience, and I'm sure the tech has improved considerably since then. But it's not something I'm personally willing to spend the extra money and effort for on a regular basis, and there are only a few movies where I'd even want to.
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