Is a Hulu Plus subscription worth it?


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Only if you have no way to get Hulu free on your device and there is something you really want to watch on Hulu. I use Hulu free with PlayOn on my Roku and Android devices.


I don't think so. I did get it for a while when I was watching "Castle" because you have to have Plus to watch it on your TV, but decided watching it on the computer was good enough. I was also having streaming problems to the TV at the time, which I didn't have to my pc.
Yes, but only if you do not have cable. It provides all the latest episodes of current shows and can be shared across tablets, phones, TV's any device really. It has been a lifesave during my lunch breaks :)
I do the same thing with Hulu on my phone during lunch breaks.
That is simply the best reason for getting Hulu. Anywhere you get internet you get live TV. I know there are a few commercials, but most shows only have 2-3 commercial breaks that each last under one-minute. I would rather pay for Hulu plus and watch shows at my leisure than pay for cable service and have to sit through 5-minute commercial breaks.
The commercials really aren't bad for Hulu Plus. A lot of people have a problem with them, but you are still saving time compared to the number of commercials on broadcast television and you are also saving money on a cable bill by having shows the day after they air.
I'm lucky due to the fact that my internet provider has unlimited data so I have watched Hulu on my phone. Not much of a picture, however on a screen that small.
that is nice. it's not so bad on my iphone 5, perfect size for in the car or eating lunch at a table. but it also goes on my tablet so if i wanted a bigger screen i could always bring that
Personally, I feel it is worth it but it all depends on how much you plan on using it. I would recommend trying the Hulu Plus free trial. I did this to gauge if it would be worth the $8 monthly and ultimately signed up for it.
I did the exact same thing. I actually had a 3-month trial (inside Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 blu-ray combo pack) and the access to new shows on any device is hard to beat. Netflix and Roku are not as accessible as Hulu plain and simple. If you want TV wherever you go Hulu is your best choice.