Is Aereo temporary? ABC to start streaming live online this week

Aereo, the company that is accused of "violating copyrights" of over-the-air TV providers for streaming live TV content to paid customers online might not have a product worth buying much longer. Even though the courts are siding for Aereo thus far, TV broadcasters are making moves to render Aereo potentially useless. Some are considering moves to paid TV and others are working towards streaming to the Web on their own.

According to <a href="" target="_blank">a report</a> in New York Times, ABC watchers in Philadelphia and New York will soon have the ability to stream content to their Apple devices. This will expand to 6 more markets where ABC owns stations. While this is not hitting the same exact audience as Aereo at this time, it seems only a matter of time.

Touching the "live" button on the free iPhone and iPad app later this week will deliver live broadcasts from ABC stations that are local to Philadelphia and New York. This, according to the New York Times report will make ABC the first broadcaster in the U.S. to offer constant live streaming to tablets and smartphones.

The content will not be freely available however. It will be only shown to those that currently subscribe to cable and satellite TV services.

Disney, the parent company of ABC, has played with live streaming of TV over the Interent already in the past. ESPN, which is also owned by Disney, launched WatchESPN back in April 2011. Also Adobe Systems partnered with NBC Sports last summer to live stream games of the Olympics to mobile devices with two apps that were created for the purpose.