Is anyone tired of the supposed right to know?


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I was reading this about Raven Symone and her sexual preference and it just bored me and got me wondering why everyone cares so much about whether people or straight, gay, or otherwise. The woman was a child star and is still working. Frankly, I've never read much about her and I don't follow her career. I just know who she is because I did watch The Cosby Show. Still, I"m back to this feeling that the media's right to know is way over done. Worse, what is it about people that they want to know and read this stuff?


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The site actually covers a lot of content. It began actually with the converter issues when broadcasting switched from analog to digital. As this topic indicates, it is the "general TV" topic. You'll notice others for PBS, sports, vintage electronics, and, yes, antennas. There is a ton for everyone.
Right to no

There's a scene in "Absence of Malice" where reporter Sally Field is being questioned by lawyer/friend of president Wilford Brimley where she blurts out "The public has a right to know!" Brimley: "Where does it say THAT??" Field sheepishly replies "There's a sign on my desk."

If there really was an absolute "right to know" then the right to privacy (an implied, limited right in the Constitution, according to the USSC) would be nonexistent. On the other hand, we have the Freedom of Information Act, which assumes government records on what it does with OUR MONEY aren't completely private. On the other hand ... OOPS I only have two hands. Better let someone else take over. :becky:



No one has a right to know someone else's personal business unless it's illegal. I refuse to buy US, the National Enquirer, People, or any of those gossip rags because I won't support something that chases people down the street so they can snap a picture of their new haircut. There should be laws against that kind of harassment, but since it's a movie star, they're considered fair game. The whole paparazzi culture disgusts me.


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I've finally rid myself of the need for magazines and even news magazine shows. They bore me. It's hype and so much is just trash. Maybe it helps that I don't care about many of the 'names' in the news anymore.