Is AT&T Attempting To Stack Deck To Get Dish Spectrum


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By Marguerite Reardon 1-30-12

"From our perspective, AT&T's Jan 26th letter indicates that AT&T is more interested in DISH's S-band spectrum than ever," Stefan Anninger, an analyst with Credit Suisse wrote in a research note. "We suspect that AT&T's interest in seeing the FCC impose Lightsquared-like build-out requirements on Dish has little to do with the public interest, and much more to do with AT&T's interest increasing its negotiating leverage, when it comes to a potential transaction negotiation with Dish."

So far both AT&T and Dish are keeping mum on any talks. But as spectrum becomes more and more of an issue for wireless providers, like AT&T, it wouldn't be surprising if AT&T tried to stack the cards in its favor.
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