Is CNN Losing Its News Edge?


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Is CNN's news advantage over and done with? Hardly, but it has suffered some ratings losses recently that are making the news simply because the dips in the numbers are at CNN.

View attachment 1711 CNN has a long history of delivering the news that you otherwise couldn't see. Originally, the network began with the unusual concept of using on air married teams. Back then, I didn't get CNN as I did not even have cable TV, but it has remained in my mind because two of my favorite news anchors locally, Lois Hart and Dave Walker, were recruited to be a part of those early CNN days. Walker was an anchor on KCRA Channel 3 while Hart worked at rival KOVR 13. The two met, fell in love, married, and went off to Atlanta. Later on, they returned, both signing on at Channel 3 for years of quality but unique co-anchoring duties. They retired a few years ago, and I miss them.

Back to CNN, the main point of this rambling. Last week, the cable giant hit low numbers, the worst in 15 years, during Piers Morgan's hour of so-call news entertainment. I have to admit that I have not watched one hour of Morgan's show. I do not like him much, and it irked me that an American was not hired to replace Larry King.

The rating woes continued this week with the news that the prime time viewing was down 20,000, the worst numbers in 20 years for CNN. More specifics on the numbers can be found at the Hollywood Reporter.

It is curious to see how the trends are going. Is Anderson Cooper's syndicated talk show affecting his CNN ratings? Do Americans really like and want to watch Morgan in King's spot? Has the ability of local channels to connect to sister stations and satellites around the globe changed the need for CNN?

Indeed, KCRA used to regularly tap into CNN for emergency news, but nowadays they tend to go straight to another news station or get feeds from other sources that they talk over themselves. Perhaps CNN is a partial victim of growing technology. It just is not the assumption that it once was that when disaster happens, we tune into to CNN.

Are you still watching?

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