Is comcast practicing microsoft's business model?



Microsofts business model is 'get it to the masses now, fix it later', and they love reinventing the wheel. And no one is happy with that.

I just want my smart TV and my computer to work the way I want it to. I don't need all the bells and whistles you all get excited to do.
Out the gate I hate this HDMI box I am forced to have because I bought a smart TV not knowing it would require it. I would have never bought this TV if I knew it was going to change everything.

My bad.
My guide is hard to read (color), its not in order as it was, with ondemand listings every few listings. And ondemand doesn't even work the same. Now when I try to go there Im lost. I dont even care to go further and figure that out. And yes I know there are 'guide settings', and none of them address my issues with it.

These last 2 upgrades have done nothing but frustrate me further. My TV goes out of sync with the sound more now then it ever did. So Im unplugging my TV to resync now every other day. Thats always fun, getting up, turning off the powerstrip I now have my TV plugged into for this reason, waiting a minute then turning back on. Then wait for it to go thru its process, the box to do its thing. Takes another minute or so, so now I've lost minimum of 2 minutes of my program.
Now when I put channel 104 in for example, it doesnt go right to the channel. A second window pops up and asks if I want another sub channel of the channel I literally just manually pushed the hard to push buttons on the remote to go to. Its absurd. I JUST PUT THE CHANNEL IN I WANT.
I dont want to talk to my remote. But I did try it. Again you don't get what you ask for, you get a window that pops up giving you all the options where you can watch what you asked for. Its a good thing I dont want to talk to my remote. I dont talk to my microwave either. Im a bit antisocial with my appliances I guess.

Now I know, I can take my time and go thru the process of setting up this and that but I dont want to. I did that as much as I wanted too the first time, why should I have to do it again and again? It's not fun, it's not exciting, it's frustrating and infuriating. I want to simply be able to change the channel being able to read the guide without having to get up and move closer to my TV to see it. The old guide was easy to see (blue).

Additionally, now when I select HDMI instead of streaming, a screen saver comes on with the weather etc, it doen't even go to the channel the TV was last on. I can hear the program on the channel, I just have to pick up the remote and click, again, for the channel to come on screen. Im sure there is a setting for that too. It requires me to spend my time to figure it out. I have fatigue and pain issues and all this just exhasperates that when I just want to watch my programs.
These are just a couple exampples of my frustration. There is oh so much more.

Why is it everything you do, now costs me more money, more expensive rent for HDMI, my time to readjust, program, fix..etc
Just like I have to do with microsft every time windows 10 forces their ridiculous updates on me.

To me, these forced changes are no different then if you came in my house and changed everything without consulting me. I have to fix it dam near everytime.
Please stop trying to make my service better, please. Because its only getting worse. I dont need better I just need it to work without causing me frustration.

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