Is CSI going to get the last laugh?


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
The original CSI has already been renewed, but its spinoffs -- CSI Miami and CSI NY -- have yet to get returns. All the shows have been on a very long time, but I do recall when the shows were created that the original show's folks weren't all that happy about it. I seem to recall William Petersen who played Grissom making some outspoken remarks about it. CSI has gone through so many changes. Petersen is gone, as is Marg Helgenberger and Gary Dourdan. I have to wonder if the infusion of Ted Danson has helped the show. I am not a fan, but he has refreshed the show in my eyes. I do have one qualm in that they also just added Elizabeth Shue to the cast and there is a connection between these characters. If they ever make that out to be a romantic thing and end up doing it again, that will turn the tide negatively for me. I love how DAnson's character has been with his wife, who we haven't seen, but I like the way that marriage has been set up. So, again, I'm cautious. I was a lot happier before the cutesiness set in between Danson and Shue. At any rate, I'm just curious to see if the master show ends up outlasting the spinoffs.