Is DirecTV any good?



I've been thinking about switching from cable to DirecTV for some time now, and want to hear what everyone here thinks of their TV service?
I do like their service, they offer more of the channels that I was looking for. They also have good customer service. The biggest reason we switched is because it was a lot cheaper.
Yeah, if you are in a position where you have to PAY for satellite TV service, both DirecTV and Dish are running some pretty good deals right now for a combined TV and Internet service (pre-tax/fees, under $50 for each). Of course, DirecTV does make you sign the 2 year "Deal with the Devil" for their TV service, so make sure you are going to be good with the DVR/programming/etc for what you are paying for the service before signing up!


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I had both DTV and Dish. Quality is nearly the same. DTV is pricier but more channels - and you pay for them dearly. Dish is a good service at a good price IF they have the channels you want.

You could also try getting a deal with your cable company before you switch. Many have been successful in getting a better deal if they threaten to leave and are serious, they will transfer you to "customer retention" reps who have the power to make the best deals.
Time Warner did do that for me, they lowered their price by quite a bit. We needed lower than what they were willing to go so we still left. However, many providers will try to work out better deals if they can.

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