Is Doctor Who overrated?

I liked the original Doctor Who series back in the late 60's and 70's but I just can't get on board with watching the latest Doctor Who with Matt Smith. Anybody else agree that the new show isn't as good as the episodes?


Argh, bite your tongue, blasphemer! Okay, yes, Matt Smith hasn't hit the same nerve David Tennant did during RTD's reign as Dr Who's showrunner, but it's still great TV. Moffat can't quite carry a storyline the same way his predecessor did, and Series 7 has disappeared up its own ..., but he is responsible for some great episodes ("Girl in the Fireplace" and "Blink"). And how can you not love David Tennant? If his eyes were any more expressive, he'd be an anime character.

As for comparing it to the old series, well, the days of taking 6-8 rather slow-paced episodes to tell one story are pretty much over. "24" managed it, but that's a rarity. Now it's all jump cuts and action, not the Doctor and co. walking down corridors and back again. Can you imagine the Myrka making it in today's CGI world? Or the geriatric Ice Warriors?

Obviously you can prefer whichever Who era you like, but my heart jumped ship to the new series the moment I saw Eccleston say, "Run!"