Is it Apple???? - XFinity

I see lots of threads about emails not opening or lagging very bad before opening. I am glad to see it’s not just me and my last 2 iPhones (X and 11 PM). 9 out of 10 times, if I get an alert on my phone that I received an email. If I click on it from the notification, it just tries to load. I have tried about all the ✅’s. I’ve restarted the phone, I’ve closed the app and most times it works then (after closing out) and I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app. Still the same behavior. Even did the same when I got the 11 PM. I guess I’m wondering if it’s just Apple users or if it’s androids as well.

This question, "Is it Apple????," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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