Is it legal for AT&T to upgrade your service WITHOUT your consent? - DirecTV

Just checked my bill, which is autopay, for this month and noticed a $50 hike in my bill because of an UPGRADE to my UVerse TV Service. I did not request an upgrade or change my service. I had actually called on October 12th asking that they cancel my TV service and they suckered me back in with a credit to my account. However, when on the phone I specifically said (multiple times) that I didn't want an upgrade. I even commented on the absurdity of asking if I wanted an upgrade when I was calling to cancel because we only watch 1 channel.

I called Customer Service and was told it was an "automatic system upgrade." How you can have an automatic system upgrade and charge someone for something they dont want and didn't ask for is beyond me. He transfered me to someone else who said they couldn't do anything about it because the notes regarding the October 12th phone call said I called asking for an upgrade!! How do you confuse calling to ask for a cancellation with calling for an upgrade? I asked them to listen to the recording of the phone conversation because I never asked for an upgrade and I was told it would take a long time to go through that process.

So this ended with me being told I have to pay $230 for my internet and TV bundle (this is for a single parent household where the 2 year old is the only one watching the television) and they would email the representative I spoke to in October to try and figure out what happened.

Way to go AT&T customer service. I canceled my TV and I'll be using my ROKU services.

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