Is it me or is this just a complete coincidence?


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Clinton unveils initiative to combat 'scourge of piracy'

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday unveiled a diplomatic initiative to thwart attacks on ships off Somalia's coast and combat what she called the "scourge of piracy."

Clinton unveils initiative to combat 'scourge of piracy' -

I guess I ought to give Clinton the benefit of the doubt, but less than a few days (while the story's fresh), all of a sudden, the US has a plan to combat piracy. :confused:


Everything makes sense, hardly a reason to fuss...

Clinton said the State Department will "explore ways to track and freeze pirate assets," similar to measures used against drug traffickers and terrorists.
The United States also will work with shippers and insurers to strengthen their defenses against pirates and will call for immediate meetings of an international counterpiracy task force to expand naval cooperation, Clinton said.
...the United States also will seek to beef up the capacity of Somalia's fragile Transitional Federal Government by participating in a donor's conference on Somalia next week in Brussels, Belgium. The State Department also will urge Somali officials and tribal leaders to take action against pirates operating from bases within their territory.