Question: Is it possible to bypass amplifier on an Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna


My Ematic HD TV Motorized Outdoor Antenna quit working after a couple years. I tried adding another amplifier inline between the mast unit and my TV which helped.

The antenna unit worked well before. I think the amplifier in the mast unit quit working and is interfering with the new amplifier.

Is it possible to remove the amplifier from the mast unit and just use it as an antenna since I already bought that other amplifier?

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Your antenna is one of several versions made in Red China for Chinese television frequencies and was not 'designed' for those used in the Americas. The motors don't last very long and the pre-amplifiers are known to fail. Since the impedance of the antenna is unknown (and unlikely to be 75 ohms), the original pre-amp should have been designed to function with that specific design and that would include provisions to 'match' the antenna to a 75 ohm coax. If you removed or bypassed the original amp, there is no way to know what the result would be, but its worth a try.


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