Is it possible to have a 2 genie setup on whole home system or is it just DTV policy?

Currently runniing HR44 genie with HDMI connection with a Samsung UN55JU670DFXZA and
HR24 with a Panasonic TV, DVD and Roku setup. I am due for a Free 2 year equipment upgrade but am getting the run around. My Samsung is RVU ready for 4K but do not want to set up until there is a better variety of programming to make it economical. I have always had better luck getting the straight talk from here than DTV help or service and I thank you ladies & gentlemen for excelent advice.

Is there a technical or performance reason NOT to run a two genie system? I currently record 6 or 7 progams at a time using the DVR and genie setup. I honestly could use more ability, so I am asking if there is a technical reason that two genies will not work.

I would like to get a HR54 to replace the HR24 as my upgrade, this will get a piece of the equipment I will need when the system is worth the 4K upgrade. I will also gain some extra storage and recording capability and the latest equipmant useage until that point in time.

So ladies and gentlemen, is my thinking correct or do two genies conflict with each other in some way with a whole home setup?

If 2 genies are impossible, what can I ask for as my Free Equipment Upgrade to enhance my system setup.

Once again, thank you for your input and advice.