Question: Is it possible to pickup from 150 miles with a long range antenna?


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I've dropped cable and have been picking up some local HD signals with a cheap indoor antenna. I'm about to upgrade to a rooftop antenna on a two story home.

I'm trying to figure out if it is even possible to pick up a signal that is 148 miles away. KTXH in Houston carries Houston sports. I realize that this is not the same direction I would want to optimize for with Austin stations so I would probably need a rotor.

If I can't get this one channel, then I could settle for the basics in my area with a much lesser antenna and simpler setup.

Any advice is appreciated.




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KBVO on CH27 and KBVO-CD on CH51 are also MyN stations, but they might not have the sports coverage that KTXH has.

It will be very difficult to receive KTXH at your location because of its weak signal and the curvature of the earth. After about 70 miles the curvature of the earth makes LOS reception impossible, and in your case reception will only be possible when tropospheric propagation is favorable. Attachment No. 1 shows the coverage area for KTXH using the maps feature of tvfool. As you can see, there is no signal in your area:
In very rough terms, the coverage map colors can be broken down as follows (not related to CEA antenna colors):
- White is extremely strong. Beware of signal overload on amps.
- Red-yellow-green are all quite strong. You can expect reasonable coverage with an indoor antenna.
- Cyan is where it's advisable to move the antenna up to the second floor or attic.
- Blue is where it's probably necessary to install a good antenna on the roof.
- Purple is quite weak and you really have to work at it for any chance of reception.
Attachment No. 2 shows the transmitter terrain profile between KTXH and you.

You would need a separate high gain outdoor UHF antenna and preamp just for KTXH because of the weak signal; most tuners need a signal stronger than about -85 dBm to avoid dropout. But, because you have some very strong local signals, the preamp would be overloaded. The only way to protect it from overload would be a single channel (19) bandpass filter just for KTXH.

The chance of success doesn't look very good, but only you can decide if the effort and expense are worth it.


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:welcome: bmilton,

Here is an image that helps explain your situation. There's no way to guarantee the atmosphere will cooperate, when you want to view that station.