Is it time for American Idol to say goodbye?


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This season started off flat (talking about talent of singers and overall entertainment) but it's gotten better in the past couple of weeks.
I wouldn't care if it stayed or went, it never really interested me that much to begin with. I think thats shows like this will keep coming and going. People need a way to indroduce and showcase talent. You can call it star search, or american bandstand or even the gong show, they all do about the same thing, generate commercials and give someone a chance at that big break


For the longest time I didn't know what people were talking about then I tuned in and got hooked for a couple of seasons. After that it just seems like the same old stuff. The thing I don't like about any of these type of shows is that they make so much out of the result shows. For something that could take less than a min. they drag it on for an hour or an hour an a half.


I think that depends on whether you're watching for the entertainment value of the singing, or you're watching for the entertainment value of the rags-to-riches story of the eventual winner, and the suspense regarding finding out whether your personal favorite would win. If it is just all about the singing for you, then you're probably going to enjoy music videos from established professional recording artists better than American Idol.


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What's fun is when it's genuine. I believe Carrie Underwood has been the most genuine. We saw her going to high school. They had stories about her prom and such. Now look at her. She is the current queen of country music and she's about to marry some hockey jock who I guess is pretty good. Yet, she still thanks Idol and her fans. She's never forgotten, and I love that. I love that she has a song out for her mom, about letting go and finding that someone special.


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See, I'm the opposite. I don't really watch the auditions anymore because they are like the AI Follies. They don't show them to show the talent; it's for the goof balls. I tune in the last 10 minutes to see the emotional story, who will always be awesome, and always get advanced. The first 110 minutes is trash.


Although shows like these do come and go, you gotta give it up to American Idol because it has had #1 ratings for 6 straight seasons according to Fox; something no other talent show has done. That being said though, when Simon goes, I go. Paula I can live without but Simon really makes the show to me, and it just wouldn't be the same without him.