Is lg lw9800 a lg cinema 3d tv also?

What exactly is lw9800 model? Is this one a substitute for lw9500 model that was known to be released in the market this fall? I heard lot of buzzs these days and was curious.


I am not sure if it is a substitute for the lg lw9500 or just another new model. However, this TV is the one that was shown at CEDIA 2011 that recently took place. The TV is famous for being the first THX certified passive 3D TV. This lg 3D TVs are known as Certified Full HD flicker free 3D TVs and now they are THX certified. It is a high-end and up to dated model of the lg lw series. It has a fancy and sleek design and is equipped with Nano Full LED with full array LED backlight. lg also upgraded their dash board menu, interfaces, remote controls and some other things. It seems a bit pricey but when thinking about not paying extra for glasses, it is a pretty good deal.