Is my Genie receiver going bad? - DirecTV

Here's my situtuation: we moved about a month ago. The installer put a new dish in and ran new coax for my HR44, C41, and HR24. Everything worked fine. Since then the HR44 has frozen a couple of times and I had to RBR and I have had about three or four random 771 errors but all of the channels we watch were fine and there were no problems with the guide.

When we tried to turn the tv on this morning the HR44 would not come on. I did a RBR and when it finally did come on I had a 771 error. This time I couldn't get any channels and the guide wasn't working, however, I could still watch shows that I recorded. I know it's not a problem with the dish becasue the HR24 works just fine.

Any thoughts before I call Directv when I get home this evening?

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