Is the End Near?

For the first time in forever today I had decided to stop my my old standard HULU account and log in and watch something yet was hit by the oh so amazing idea that obviously HULU and it's creators are slowly killing the origial (and taking with it a lot of the vey OTA programs they provide the system) and, BOOM LOOK AT ALL THE EXCLUSIVES......the Soap Opras now "EXCLUSIVE" to the site and the extras (although I have to agree HULU needs a little work in the GUI area compared to other services like NETFLIX and VUDU) the reality hit, the shows I'd originally qued we're now all almost exclusive to the payable version of Hulu called of course HULU PLUS....HUMMMM

As the game heats up I've notice since my return to OTA that Broadcast might as well kill itself off anyway since services like HULU (HINT: WHICH IS OF COURSE IS OWNED BY SOME OF THE SAME CONTENT PROVIDERS THAT MAKE THE VERY PROGRAMS THEY ARE SLOWLY PRIVATIZING ) into "exclusives" and also making sure more and more of their content is present in a "double pay" system advertiser/subscriber type system (a system cable set as a standard) soon they'll be nothing left anyway....look at daytime TV...for years now filled with third party, less than entertaining programs that people really don't much care about anyway.....I wonder if anyone will notice onces their's nothing else there......and a subscribtion to HULU is only way to watch your favorite programs.........

Nows the time people band together and let the networks go......its time to clean house.....and move OTA into "independent" programmers and move into a world of more specialty programs, movies and more.......yeah for a while we'd still have to rely on THEIR syndicated programing but over time ...OTA should have HUNDREDS of independent producers of more exclusive content and just kill off the FCC as a means and make sure the next time around all the programming is avaialbe both OTA and it's digital counterparts....

To me, its not exactly a problem, that Hulu + is paid.

Its not acceptable that you pay AND you must also watch commercials. :(

Also, unlike HBO, many times you only can watch a handfull of the lates episodes. :(

My subscription ends in a few months, if they dont change really fast, i will unsubscribe and wait for better days.
Personally I say KILL the freakin Networks and replace them with independently produces OTA exclusives that are only available to FREE TO AIR services and a digital compliment for each one........even exclusive OTA Networks would be fine........then have it where services like TiVo would offer to "Sream it right from the guide or" save it for u in a CLOUD type enviroment until watched.......

yeah Ive been thinki nabout it lol

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