Is the LG LN5300 42LN5300 42-Inch good for HD and Gaming?



Looks like the LG LN5300 does 1080p resolution which is good for movies and HD but will it handle gaming ok? It has a refresh rate of 60Hz, and I'm a little concerned that it will be slow for games with a lot of action.


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I read to avoid LG televisions for gaming purposes. Input lag in LG televisions are the highest even when making the necessary configurations. I would highly recommend a Samsung LED television, these have generally been praised as the best for gaming.


Ahh, so the Plasma's would be gamer friendly then?! I've searched for higher than 120 Hz TV's when I decided to buy my Visio. It's only for TV, and it's 120 Hz. I seen a few Plasma's with 240 Hz or higher. But the price went up considerably back then too.

I recall reading that any TV with 60 Hz is generally cheap/not ideal for anything other than TV/Video.

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A TV with a refresh rate of 60 Hz may can a great receiver and not 'cheap' (per se) but they are not optimised for quick motions, such as sports (NFL/NASCAR/NBA) which includes gaming ... unless the TV is quite small.



You do not want 120hz for video games

I hate it when threads are full of incorrect information like this...

When you say "gaming" I assume you're talking about a video game console (xbox, playstation). Those systems are not able to output higher than 60fps because they operate at 60hz. There is absolutely ZERO benefit to having a higher HZ television for video gaming. 60hz is perfect.

A 120hz TV (without any addition motion smoothing software) is simply going to repeat each frame once. This doesn't help with motion blur or anything.

A TV with motion smothing software built in (such as Samsung's Clear Motion Rate 120, or LG's Trumotion 120) is going to interpolate fake frames and insert them inbetween the ones that it receives. This half-second delay is no big deal for watching cable or a bluray...but for gaming, this delay can make almost every game unplayable. There is an option on TVs with this software called "game mode" which deactivates these effects and essentially makes the TV 60hz display again.

To answer your question, yes. That TV is the ideal setup for gaming on a console.