Question: Is the sky blue?

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Is the sky blue? In Seattle? Are you kidding me? :eyes: HA! We have the entire monochrome range of gray over our annual 9-10 month rain festival. It's currenty Battleship Gray. LOL!
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Dark green here a couple of hours ago. We just had our first tornado warning of the year.


Don't worry: The rain didn't even change into hail, but a couple of funnel clouds were spotted. NWS calls a lot of these warnings here, most of which never become anything. We're close, though: The real springtime fun and games starts about 25 miles east of here. Still, it's a rather early start to the season by a good three weeks or more...

And no, I won't claim that it's all the president's fault!
sometimes the sky is funny colors here, today it is blue not a chem trail in sight (are chem trails political or just conspirist theory? well I do live near the airport after all)
Today the sky is a very light grey, I guss those storms are heading this way. Heard about the tornados happening in the south and midwest, seems mother nature is out to make a show ovr the warmer months of 2010. Thats okay by me as long as she don't freeze up the strawberries