Is there a comparison chart somewhere?


I've decided to go ahead and order a box without a coupon because we're tired of waiting.

I went to Best Buy, they only had one kind in stock, so I started hunting and found this forum.

I would like to have a box that:

1) Is made in the U.S.A. if possible.
2) Works well on a Sony Wega TV, I have Svideo inputs, RCA, and RF(coax)
3) Ideally, I'd like it to let me use the picture-in-picutre and/or let me record one channel and watch another (although, from what little reading I've done so far, I'm not finding dual tuner models).

We thought we'd have cable, but it's been out since a big ice storm. He thinks we should get an antenna and a box and swear off cable.

So . . . I'm tasked with picking a box and antenna.