Is there an antenna good enough for regular analog TV and DTV?


What the non - cable people need is a antenna that is universal to all dtv boxes and pulls in all local and dtv channels. Is there such a beast?
there are many but you need the right info for your area. places like can give you that info. we have many antenna reviews on the board, if you are deep fringe 50+ mile out then you need a red zone antenna like in the deep fringe prescription thread if you are 20-40 miles a green zone or yellow zone would do. out door antennas work better than indoor antennas, some places need only UHF antennas some need both UHF and VHF some need VHF give us your zip code and we can suggest a solution for your situation.
Keep in mind also that after the transition (assuming it won't be delayed again), that stations you may not be able to pick up now may be on better bands that are easier to pick up afterwards. i'm hoping that ABC and RTN comes in better post-transition, right now it's hit and miss and only works in perfect weather, and it's actually closer to me than the CBS stations, which are 30+ miles out yet are always 90% good.
tvfool has a better profile than antenna web I have found them way off most of the time. tvfool gives you exact location and miles to transmitter not the broadcast city. for example channel 5 here is stated as Raleigh but the transmitter is is Garner about 15 degrees different from Raleigh
That's why i use TVfool. but one problem is still irking me. they show WAZE-TV (CW Network) as digital and within the same mileage as CBS, which i can pick up perfectly, yet CW is always stuck in the 'red zone' (signal meter shows red bar all the time) yet i should be able to pick it up...either they have yet to go full-power or they are going to suck major and i miss that channel. it's no longer in Analog since i can't pick it up in analog period.

Says i only need green antenna too, and i got one that can pick up yellow/green zones (not red but those are 80 miles out so forget it) but i just can't get CW to come in. :(
TVfool is inaccurate as well, at least in my case. They have our MyNetworkTV affiliate in the light yellow zone, yet I can pick them up fine with my UHF loop.

Funny thing is they are transmitting with a weak 7.3kW ERP, and I'm 11 miles from the source.
I like THIS TV And Retro TV network. two of my favs. esp in the early morning and This plays great classic TV and Retro plays some of that plus shows like Airwolf and the original Knight Rider.