Is there any difference in sound quality for optical cable vs HDMI?


I've got a Cox STB DVR with outputs for HDMI, component cable, and optical sound. Problem is, my audio receiver only has inputs for component cable and optical sound. The TV on the other hand has an input for HDMI but only outputs video resolutions up to 1080i.

See where I'm getting at?

Will I get better sound from an HDMI cable vs optical cable? If not, then I'll run component cable and optical cable from the Cox STB DVR to the receiver, then run component and optical from receiver to TV.


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You will lose video quality by using component cables.

Why not run HDMI to the TV from the Cox, and Optical Audio to the Reciever? Unless you are wanting use the reciever as a central switching device.


I have my display hooked up both ways and have never seen a difference in PQ between component and HDMI. That is perhaps a reflection of the fact that the best resolution offered by television is 1080i. Perhaps there is a noticeable difference with Blu-ray discs.

EV's suggestion is fine, though: HDMI carries video to the display, while TOSLINK (optical digital audio) carries audio to the receiver.