Is there ever going to be another Converter Box Coupon Program??


I really need a couple more converter boxes. Been to Sears and Walmart but they don't have any in stock. Plus I don't want to have to pay full price for them!

Any help would be greatly appreciated with this, I have company coming over next week and would like for them to be able to watch TV in the bedroom if they want to.

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:welcome: Fickle,

The coupon program ended months ago and it will not be restarted. You could check your local Craigslist to find a converter box as well. If there are any stations in your area continuing to transmit analog signals, the converter box you choose needs to have a feature called 'analog-passthru' for you to continue receiving them.

I need to get a converter box i dont have one at all and i am a disable woman that cant get arould so please if you can help me I had 4 neck surgery and one brain surgery and 2 back surgery and all i like to do is watch tv but not able to do this because i dont have a converter box or nothing else so if you can help /please do my name is bonnie and number is XXX XXX XXXX thank you and god blessed to all
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