Is this a design flaw, or am I seriously alone here?



Really hoping to get some feedback here. If it's a bug specific to me, then fine, but if others can reproduce, it seems like a design flaw that should be addressed.

I have my Arris X1 DVR , and an X1 RNG150 (I know, old boxes) both obtained at the same time around 2012 set to auto power save. I also have an XR11 remote and XR2 remotes. I have gaming consoles hooked up to my TV. The Comcast remote (either of them) is the easiest to grab in most cases when I need to adjust volume or change my TV inputs. However doing any TV functions will send some kind of signal to the DVR and take it out of power save. This efffectively means that my DVR is always turned on, using more power than needed. The DVR read/write heads are also churning away buffering live TV, and my sensitive ears can hear it. (they rest when in power save)

This should take more than a minute for someone to put their box into power save mode then adjust TV volume/input and see if the box wakes up.

Why does the remote even send something to the box when adjusting tv functions anyway? I feel like this was introduced way back when Comcast also added the feature where the remote auto-pairs to the box, like the remote is sending some pairing command maybe?

"Is this a design flaw, or am I seriously alone here?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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