Is this equipment worth anything?


Can anyone tell me if this equipment is worth anything? I'm debating whether to sell it or recycle it. The ADS receiver works but is glitchy, I think the processor is bad. Thanks!

Denon DR M10HX cassette deck
ADS c3 recorder
ADS r4 amplifier/tuner/receiver
Optimus CD 6300 five disc changer
Harmon kardon computer speakers and woofer that came with dell computer in 2003.


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I've been trying to sell a 5 CD changer ($5) and a pair of Realistic MC-1000 speakers ($10 for the pair) for a month - no takers.
Also my 1970's "President Zachary" CB radio for $20 is still here. Someone just bought the Pioneer reciever for $10, though...