Is this show as good as X Files?


Not really. I enjoyed the duo in X-files more than I enjoy this show, but for different reasons. I enjoy Fringe for different reasons than I did X-files. I'm not saying X-files is better than Fringe, only that Fringe is different.
I think Fringe is a good show, but it's too early to tell if it'll ever measure up to X-Files. I like all the cryptic stuff in Fringe, it's kind of cool to point out all of the things that tie episodes to others...My 8 year old pointed out the other day that the bald man from Fringe has been in previous episodes before, I had no idea, but he loves the show.


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It's hard to compare Fringe to X-Files right now. Mulder and Scully have become icons over the years and the Fringe bunch has only been around for a 5 episodes.
From what I've seen of Fringe; it appears to be similar to X-files. As the characters develop I will be able to see which show is more to my liking, right now I will enjoying watching them both.
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I seem to like the characters better, I think that on the xfiles they picked the wrong people to work together and those two people together did not seem to be natural and I think that is important if you are trying to make people believe something.


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I like the characters in Fringe but the story lines were better in the X files, they held your attention and you always looked forward to the next story.


I like this show because the plots are very far fetched. This show is more appealing to me because of the male character I remember as "Pacey" on Dawsons Creek.


I really like what I've seen of Fringe, and I love The X Files characters.

I did find it quite surprising how well The X Files went with the Dogget character basically replacing Mulder. I think that's an indication of how strong the Dogget character and the writing was rather than a suggestion that Mulder was easily removed.

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