Is This the Next Civil War?


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Quite seriously, when I saw Arizona's challenge to Southern California earlier this week, that's exactly what I thought -- oh my gosh, it's time for the next civil war. In truth, and it has nothing to do with which side is right or wrong, but I thought the challenge was great.

If you're going to talk against a government and make grandiose statements about not doing business with them, then back it up. Don't just do what's easy, which is what many places are doing.

If Southern California is going to be so ardent in its stance, then it should indeed follow through on the challenge and turn away Arizona's energy. Apparently, 25% of power in SoCal comes from Arizona.

Let's see it, SoCal. Cut the energy, or shut up.

Fringe Reception

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You are spot-on and although it would be funny to watch happen, California will continue to receive power from Arizona without interruption. Arizona hasn't done anything to harm anyone except they wrote a STATE Law to match the existing non-enforced already existing FEDERAL Law.

The screamers are nuts! There was even a 'call' to boycott Arizona Ice Tea (good stuff) to "HURT" Arizona ... except ... that product is produced by a New Jersey based Company. It is available in Arizona the same as Sprite or Dr. Pepper is available in all 57 States (Obama's count, not mine) and Arizona itself, has ZERO connection with that business. Go figure. :dizzy:



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