Issue with modem connecting to unused data channel and uncorrectable codewords high o

This question is about "Issue with modem connecting to unused data channel and uncorrectable codewords high on one channel", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Back story, we were upgraded to maxx in the Louisville area about 4 months ago. I've been noticing this issue for a couple of months. The issue is when my modems connects to channel 1 then i get high error rates, in the range of 20%, and my modem drops to about 5-6 megs down.
This screen shot was taken while a tech was at the house so the modem was only up for a few seconds so that is why the total counts are low.

If however modem connects to a channel above 1or above it is fine however. I've get about 59 megs on the 50 megs plan. I've connected to channels 3 and above with no issue which will come into play in a minute.

Now here is where the fun starts. The first tech came out and changed the trap (the new one he put on is an acl which was on at the time of the 1st image) checked the ingress and all the signals. Everything looked good. The only thing that we didn't try was with out the trap but I later found out he wanted to try that but was told it was a non issue since the internet starts at channel 5 or 591mhz and the channel 1 where i'm having the issue is 567mhz. The 1st 4 channels my modem pick up sometimes are not in use, see 1st image. He suggested i try to get a firmware update from motorola and if they couldn't help try tier 3 support. Motorla told me that i need to talk to timewarner and timewarner told me to talk to Motorla. I decided since i wasn't going to get anyware with support between the two companies to try google and see what I found. I found two pages talking about traps causing issues after maxx upgrades on this site and another on comcast. I called into tech support and had a tech come out and remove the trap.

So im now on a SRO (I think that is the term the 2nd tech used) where they are going to keep the trap off for 2 weeks and then put it back on and see if I have issues again. At this point I've reset my modem 3 times, watch it start to connect to channel 1 and then end up on channel 10 or 11 and above.

What I plan on doing is reseting the modem each day and hopefully see if I can connect to channel 1 567mhz. If so and I still have high error rates it points to the modem and plan on getting 1 in a month. If however i don't connect to channel 1 my assumption would be the trap was causing issues with the modem getting the correct channels and I'm afraid when they put the trap back on it will cause issues and replacing the modem will not fix the issue. PS I learned yesterday while talking to the 1st tech since he left me his work number and wanted to know if and how I was able to resolve the issue so he could learn and become a better tech, that we are moving to a 24 channel system in january so I would probably need the trap removed at that point anyway.

Hopefully someone can chime in on this. Is it a trap issue, do i have a bad modem because its picking up channels that are not in use or are they really in use and the field techs have just not been told?


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