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I got a S7 edge from AT&T and was impressed that I could see all my channels remotely with the DirecTV App. and could play recording remotely as well. That worked for a few days. When it works the live TV guide shows a limited number of channels (10 plus 200 up) then refreshes and shows all (or almost all) channels. When it fails the live TV guide shows a limited number of channels then an error message “Can’t connect to Mobile DVR. Tap here to try again” I tried rebooting the HR54 and phone several times, no help.
I called DirecTV, the first call was 30 mins long after going thru the useless phone tree. The guy understood how it was supposed to work and tried to help before escalating the case. Next day I got the generic reauthorize your box, did that didn’t work. I assumed that was just an auto reply and the case was open, nope escalation just sent out the reauthorize receiver message and closed the case without telling me.
Next call. This time the lady really didn’t understand the product and tried to convince me that all mobile DVR meant was the ability to download recordings on my home network and watch some of the channels over 200. I asked about local NBC station where I watched a football game remotely when app was working right she said I don’t get it. Really I watched it when I don’t get the “Can’t connect to Mobile DVR” error.
Next after reading on the tech forums about others with the same issue, I tried the CLEARMYBOX setting in search and also forwarded ports 8082 and 8083 on my router. No dice. Next I tried to uninstall the DirecTV app and found that it was a preinstall so I disabled it. Rebooted phone and re-enabled the app. The next AM I had a rare 4G connection on my patio and it worked! Later drove into town expecting it to work on LTE but got the “Can’t connect to Mobile DVR” message. Later at another location I got the same error. Then I terminated the DirecTV app and restarted it and I worked. So right now I’m at 2 tries out of 4.
It is hard to test as I usually have a 2g connection at home that rarely connects and of course on my Wi-Fi it is fine.
Next day: On LTE it worked but asked me to register Mobile DVR again? Did register again and then asked about AUTO PREP, I said yes but the app said I must be on home Wi-Fi. Looking at recordings I could see one being prepared, strange since Auto Prep is supposedly off. Also the show I downloaded was now missing from the playlist. But it did work at two remote locations.
Not sure if CLEARMYBOX, opening the ports, reinstalling the App or just luck made it work. Now we will see for how long.

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