It has been a nightmare to install DTV in my new home - DirecTV

I have been with DTV for nearly 10 years and in 4 different homes. Never had any issues until trying to get it installed in my new home.

Attempt 1: WHen I first made the appointment for installation the people at the ATT store assured me (including assitant manager) that installation could be completed wtihout any TVs set up at the home.

Installer arrived and said there needs to be at least one tv up and working for him to do anything. I called directv and they verified that this was the case and rescheduled me for installation.

Attempt 2: Installer arrived after I had one TV set up. I have 8 boxes on my account. All of them are already activated, but DTV is upgrading some of my equipment for free with the movers package. I also have a 20 inch monitor that can easly be moved around to each location to verify the install.

Despite this, the installer refused to do the installation without all tvs hooked up. He says thats ATT policy and nothing he can do about it. He wouldn't let me speak to his manager. I called directv via att customer service but kept ended in a deadend loop of busy signal. I went to the store and raised a ruckus, and after some bumblign around to even locate my account the best they could offer me was to cancel my own account and start a new one which would have cost me $272 in equipment plus the installation fee vs. Free with what I had set up. That was a nonstarter.

Now the issue is that I"m finishing my basement which is anothe 3 weeks out. The rest of the house is wired for cable, but the installer would have been able to easy run coaxial cable while the basement is framed. To have TVs set up there will need to be drywall done, and how do they expect to run cables from my mechanical room down the walls to install cable jacks now?

At my last house, the installer put the dish up , ran wires to my mechanical room and hooked up the SWM and left because thats all I need him to do.

After all this fiasco and frustration I would happily go to comcast and probably pay half of what I pay now for all the same channels. The only reason they kept my business is for NFL sunday ticket. This past weekend I had good success streaming all the games I wanted to see so I'm ready to cancel my account.

ATT is ruining what used to be a great, customer oriented company that was willing to accomdate a lot of customized set ups.

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