It's a Go for 'CSI: NY'; Shawn Johnson is rockin 'DWTS'; and 'Good Wife' Thoughts


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This is a second round of my take on some returning TV shows, including CSI: New York. The show was renewed for the current season over CSI: Miami, so you might say it needs to prove its worth more than ever.

I must qualify my thoughts here, that this is a series I have watched occasionally over the years, but not every episode of any one season.

View attachment 2095 That said, I am enjoying the complexities of this new year with Mac (Gary Sinese) who is suffering from aphasia and is choosing to keep it a secret. Watching him play simple child games on his laptop while no one is looking is intriguing. It is also having an affect on his personality and relationship with his team, including Jo (Sela Ward). Right now, I'm all in!

Dancing with the Stars: All Stars has proved to be more entertaining than I'd envisioned. Gymnast Shawn Johnson is not a little teenager anymore and is proving that with a more grown up aura in this new round. As for General Hospital's Kelly Monaco, I have never been a fan of hers. I do not consider her the season 1 winner at all (she did, in fact, lose in a special follow-up show to the man who should be considered the season 1 champ, John O'Hurley). However, I have to give credit where credit is due, and she deserves some credit. In season 1, she was a joke. This year, she's done some decent dancing. I am still not a fan, but at least she looks like she belongs now.

Bristol Palin, who has already been eliminated, was nothing but a whiny, spoiled child the entire time she was on. She was bad as ever, saved from initial elimination by her mom's team, I am sure. Finally, that just wasn't enough and the brat went home.

Kirstie Alley is still surprisingly good for her age, and the other competitors have kept things interesting.

The Voice, which airs opposite Dancing with the Stars on Monday nights, retains its unique element of the revolving chairs, but this year there is a new twist called the steal that has allowed mentors to steal the loser from the battle rounds. It has added some excitement, so all is a go for The Voice.

Finally, The Good Wife still has good steam, especially with the partial reunion of Alicia and Peter who seem to have a new understanding with each other. However, the entire Kalinda storyline is in bad taste and goes too far in many sexually provocative scenes. It makes for an uncomfortable mix, and I have taken to fast forwarding over anything Kalinda. What a shame for a character whose intrigue was once appealing and now is nothing more than trash.