It's coming faster than you think

How many of you are ready for the change over next year? It's just a few months away and will be here sooner than you think. Kind of reminds me of all the headaches that occurred just before Y2K with computers.


I think I am ready for the change, my box is up to date, so hopefully there won't be anything else I would have to do since the switch will be happening soon. It shouldn't be that bad I hope!


I'm as ready as can be for my TVs.

Here's what really ticks me off. I bought an expensive Dell laptop last year for coding and school. I added a few options to it, and among them...a TV tuner so I could watch TV while I'm on the road or in the bedroom. Of course the tuner is a analog tuner, which means I'll somehow need to find a way to convert the analog signals to digital. I paid $125 for this tuner, and it'll be out of date in less than 6 months. Arg.

Believe me, I REFUSE to carry a converter box with me when I'm on the go with my laptop to watch TV. There needs to be more options out there for portable TVs and people with laptop TV tuners!