Jackass 3D released for Blu-ray but not in 3D


Why would producers make this movie in polarized 3D for theaters and not for the Blu-ray?? They do offer a converted anaglyph stereoscopic which means you'll have to wear red and blue glasses so why would they go through the trouble to do that and not make it in the new polarized 3D format?
From blu-ray.com quoted from Paramount:
The official response received was the decision was made "in an effort to bring the 3D home viewing experience of Jackass 3 to as wide an audience as possible."

$20 million to produce
$115 million grossed

I wouldn't pay to see any of these, but I did peep them for free, 1st 2 atleast... Anaglyphic 3D though???!!! WHY?!?!


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I'm huge into Jackass TV shows and movies but these guys are starting to show their wear and tear over the years. I think a couple of them have been through substance abuse programs quite a few times which probably makes sense with all of the crap they pull.