Jailbreak an Apple TV? Any extra content?


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With a jail broken Apple TV you can stream content directly from your computer and access other programs outside of the coding that Apple has set forth. It just gives you a little more freedom.


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"How is a jail broken Apple TV different than a regular Apple TV?"

Jailbreaking your Apple TV (or ATV) obviously creates many advantages which would not be available due to Apple limiting certain features (such as available file types, apps, etc) or jailbreaking would not be so prevalent. The unit directly out of the box has a limited number of channels and file formats put in place by restrictions created by Apple, therefore jailbreaking the player enables you to access many more channels. Having access to these additional channels makes it possible to watch more movies, more sports, more news, and so on.

Another huge advantage to jailbreaking is in regards to Apple not allowing third-party apps to be installed on the ATV. Once you have breached the original software you can set it up to allow the installation of every app you may want to add.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Remember, the downside here is that there are certain risks you are taking by jailbreaking your ATV. The very freedom you gain by opening your player up to these additional options also makes the device more vulnerable to malware and viruses.