Jennifer Aniston will make guest appearance on "30 Rock"

Jason Fritz

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The former "Friends" star will play "the free-spirited, 'Fatal Attraction'-like stalker Claire Harper, Liz Lemon's former roommate from Chicago who randomly shows up in New York and attaches herself to Jack Donaghy," according to NBC's press release...
I haven't seen Jennifer in any movies or tv shows lately. The last one off the top of my mind is, "The Break-Up", which wasn't good (I would have classified it as horrible if Jennifer hadn't done a partial nude scene :eek:).

Anyone else notice that her career has kind of lagged since breaking up with Brad Pitt?

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Although I'd be happy with either one of them, I have to wonder what's up with Jennifer's relationships. Is she too high maintenance and that's why guys leave her. As a guy, I see nothing special in Brad Pitt, but she had him at one time and he left and ended up with Jolie. Wait a I'm really jealous of Pitt. :)


I haven't seen Jennifer in anything lately, other than the tabloids. I'm beginning to wonder if some of those cutthroat mags might have hit it on the head saying she just has never gotten over Brad?