Jimmy Kimmel and Killing Charlie Sheen


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Okay, does anyone see the insanity here? Kimmel does a bit on his show about how ABC might kill off Charlie Sheen's character on 2 and 1/2 men. Now he takes it further and pretty much just talks about killing Sheen. Here's the kicker -- his camera crews go out on the streets of Hollywood and ask LITTLE kids how they would KILL Charlie Sheen, not his character, but Charlie Sheen. These kids were 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years old. What is sad is all of the ways they came up with, some of which were very violent and some that made you cringe like the little girl who said they should give him cancer like her cat got.

Sick. And no one is upset? This is why our society is a mess.


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Why would ABC kill off a character on a CBS sitcom? This looks like a bit for Letterman and/or Ferguson. ;-)
Because Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of everyone. You know, "Steven Tyler's creepy lear of the night" (American Idol), etc. Just because a show happens to be on a competing network doesn't mean it isn't fair game.


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I just thought it was so inappropriate. I dont' care about jokes and such. I don't like Charlie Sheen. He's sick and needs help, but what got me is that it was so casual -- let's kill Charlie Sheen, and then they ask kids for ways how to do it. I'm still surprised no one thinks that is wrong but me.